City of Hampton Property Values for 2020

As property assessments arrive in your mailbox, take a look at this information regarding property values for 2020.

Proposed Zoning Changes

Hampton’s Planning and Zoning Administration is proposing changes to zoning ordinances for Buckroe, Phoebus, Downtown, and Coliseum Central. Download the Multifamily Use Regulation – Briefing on Proposal (PDF) for further information.


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Parks Master Plan Update

The City of Hampton’s Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services Department is ready to update its master plan! This plan will be used to guide decisions for renovation, redevelopment, and future development of the City’s park infrastructure and recreational facilities.

Hampton to invest $6 million toward improvements at Buckroe Beach boardwalk

“We have to make an investment in it,” Vice Mayor Jimmy Gray said. “We have homes on the waterfront. We are trying to attract to development. This is about improving one of the best assets we have.”
The Daily Press, Sept. 11, 2019, Read full article here.

Hampton Reveals plans to improve Buckroe Beach.