Oct. 2022, N. Fifth St. & Long Creek
Photo by: Diane Vellucchi / First St. & Pilot Ave.

The city has been working on a resiliency (living with water) plans for Hampton since 2015.  There have been many meetings, workshops and opportunities for citizen involvement which the BIL has participated in since 2015.   As a result of these efforts,  plans for Buckroe, Phoebus and Downtown Hampton were developed. 

We are encouraged by the potential plans for Buckroe which include:

-use of the old Buckroe Jr. High School area for slowing and storing water

-raising First Street

-raising Fifth Street and tide gate

We hope that you will familiarize yourself with the Resilient Hampton Plan :


We urge you to contact city council and let them know you are in favor of the plans for Buckroe.  Below is a sample letter for city council which you may copy, paste and edit to your liking to send to let city council know that this is important to you.  A few moments of your time will be of great future benefit for Buckroe!

Email council at: council@hampton.gov, and please cc: info@thebuckroeimprovementleague.org  so we may record the correspondence.

Month 8, 2023

Dear City Council Members:

I am writing regarding  the Resilient Hampton plans for Buckroe. I am in favor of the plans to raise First and Fifth Streets, a tide gate at Fifth Street, and using the former site of Buckroe Jr. High School to slow and store water.

Please move forward with the resilient Buckroe plans.


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